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16 Aug 10 Copper Bottom Cookware

The Advantages Of Copper Bottom Cookware

There are many advantages in using copper cookware; some being aesthetic and others relating to the actual cooking process. Copper bottom cookware is beautiful, especially when hanging on racks. Many large family kitchens engage in a display of their shiny bottom copper pots. Commercial restaurants also will hang an array of different sized copper bottom pots. In both cases, these pots are hung to add to the decorating beauty of a kitchen, while at the same time adding a feature of convenience.

These factory made pots are made by melting copper onto metal bottoms, making them not only secure and sturdy, but also easily moved. It saves a lot of time to be able to select the size of pot that you desire without searching in a cupboard for that favorite pan. Copper pots sit securely on a stove, making the danger of them tipping minimal. However, if they are warped they can become a hazard. This can occur when this appliance is subjected to extremely high temperatures.

Since copper is an expensive metal, many pots have only a bottom of this metal. This reduces the cost, particularly when copper plates are added to the bottoms of these cheaper metal pots.

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There are a couple of different combinations that are used in relation to copper bottom pots:

  • Aluminum/copper

Since aluminum is a metal that gets hot very quickly, and does not distribute the heat evenly, the copper bottom of this pot will assist in evenly spreading the heat, so that the cooking process will be a steady one. This way, the food will not be overcooked in one place, while undercooked in another.

  • Stainless steel/ copper

Stainless steel is a good metal that is relatively inexpensive, however does not conduct heat well. Since copper is a good conductor of heat, a pan that consists of both materials cooks more efficiently.

Although many people would love to own copper cookware, its high cost is a drawback. So, in reality, when combining a less expensive metal with a copper bottom, the elements of better cooking conditions, more durability, and less weight are feasible factors. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Many French cooks prefer total copper cookware, but most other individuals will settle for copper bottoms.

It is important to frequently inspect your copper bottom pots. These pots can be cleaned by mixing vinegar and salt. This will remove the residue and restore the luster and shine to the entire appliance, especially the copper bottom.  Store purchased non abrasive cleaners are also effective cleaning agents. One inexpensive cleaner that cleans well is Bar Keeper’s Friend . If the metal is worn down to the copper, it can become toxic, and cause hazardous and contaminating conditions to the appliance.

Although copper is a relatively durable metal, it can dent easily, however this does not affect the cooking elements of the pot, just the visual ones.

So, if you want beautiful cookware that is inexpensive, aluminum or stainless steel pans, combined with copper bottoms are the ones for you!

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